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Introducing "Design Your Own Shoe" Experience

Reignite the love for your favorite pair of shoes that have become rare gems. Our "Design Your Own Shoe" service brings your cherished footwear memories back to life. Submit your custom design, and our skilled artisans will handcraft a unique pair just for you, meticulously measured for a perfect fit. Choose from premium leather or suede to ensure not just a revival, but an upgrade to the quality you deserve.

Why Choose "Design Your Own Shoe"?

Tailored to Your Style: Express your unique taste with a custom-designed shoe that reflects your personality.

Perfect Fit, Every Time: Our artisans use precise measurements to guarantee a comfortable and bespoke fit.

Premium Materials: Select from high-quality leather or suede to elevate the durability and luxury of your custom creation.

Rediscover the joy of stepping into shoes that tell your story. Embrace individuality with "Design Your Own Shoe" — where craftsmanship meets personal style.


We recommend rounding all values to the next half centimeter. 

1. On a sheet of paper, wearing socks, draw an outline of both feet. For best results use a short pencil and keep the pencil straight. Do not draw the outline at an angle, this will yield improper measurements. 

2. Measure the outline length of both feet. Use the longer measurement as your length as they may slightly differ. In this case, we will round our length to 25.5. 

3. Measure the width of both outlines as they may differ slightly. Use the longer measurement as your width. In this case, we will use 9 CM. 


4. Locate the widest part of your foot. There should be a bump at the base of your big toe, on the inside of the foot. Measure the circumference of your foot at this point. Use point A in the following picture for reference:

This value is your ball circumference. In this case, we will use 23.5CM as our ball circumference:

5. Following the same path, you will feel another bump at the top of your foot. See below for reference. Measure the circumference of your foot at this point. Use point B in the following picture for reference:

This value is your arch circumference. In this case, we will use 26.5 CM as our arch circumference. 

Please note that each pair of Handmade-to-Measure shoes is crafted with care, and production may take up to two weeks before the item is handed over to the carrier for delivery.

Experience express global shipping, with delivery times as fast as 3-7 days.

At C&H, we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. To ensure a smooth shopping experience, please review our return policy below:

For Standard Sizes:

  • We accept returns for standard-sized boots within 30 days from the date of delivery.
  • The boots must be in new, unworn condition with all original tags and packaging.
  • Please initiate the return process by contacting our customer support team at within 30 days of receiving your order.
  • Once your return request is approved, you'll receive a return authorization number (RMA) and instructions for returning the product.
  • Customers are responsible for return shipping costs.
  • Upon receiving the returned product and verifying its condition, we will process your refund or exchange within 2 business days.

For Custom Sizes:

  • Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns for custom-sized boots as these are specially crafted to your unique measurements.
  • We take great care to ensure that custom-sized boots meet your specific requirements. If there is an issue with the fit or craftsmanship, please contact our customer support team at within 30 days of receiving your order, and we will work with you to find a suitable solution.

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Why Sacrifice Style For Comfort?

Our journey began with a simple idea: to craft shoes that embrace all feet, catering to the wide, the flat, and every unique shape in between. We recognize that comfort isn't exclusive, and style shouldn't come at the cost of coziness.

  1. Brush Regularly: Use a soft-bristle suede brush to remove dirt and restore the nap of the suede. Brush in one direction to avoid damaging the fibers.
  2. Protect from Moisture: Suede is susceptible to water stains. Avoid wearing suede boots in heavy rain or snow. If they get wet, allow them to dry naturally at room temperature, away from direct heat sources.
  3. Stain Removal: For light stains, gently rub the affected area with a suede eraser or use a soft cloth dipped in white vinegar and water (equal parts). For tougher stains, consult a professional cleaner.
  4. Use a Protector Spray: Apply a suede protector spray to guard against stains and moisture. Reapply periodically, following the product's instructions.

Currently, we offer a range of versatile colors to choose from. Reach out to us for any specific customization requests. Leather options are also available. We can also provide wood or rubber soles based on your preference.

We'd love to hear your ideas! Contact our team to discuss any special design requests.